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Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin Trilogy Series #1)

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers A kick ass nun + a crossbow + a ninja convent + gossip and vendetta = Just go and read it. What I loved about this book:* The Plot: The god of Death has blessed her to be trained in a convent as an assassin to deliver Death’s vengeance.* Ismae: We found her as an abused child, then she's a nun, then a handmaiden to Death and in the end, she realizes she can be something else. She's smart, a realistic character, a kick ass in the first chapters. I loved her confidence and devotion. * Duval, a totally swoon-worthy guy. The Downside (too much/too little)* It was a long reading. o_O* Lack of action. More killings, please? Was she training in the art of killing or in the art of seduction only?* I'd have loved to see those three years of training.* Court intrigue... maybe too much of it?* REALLY? She saved him by having sex with him? I don't mind hot scenes, I even support them, but for future reference, don't have sex with a dying guy in a nasty cave just because Death says so