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Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid Series #5)

Succubus Shadows - Richelle Mead 3.75 Stars Your truths are worse than your lies.Mixed feelings…Why, oh why on earth would you make souch a fuss about not being with the guy you love because of his soul if you're gonna sleeping with him anyway? Richelle! Whyyyy? After reading book #4 I was worried of just one thing: Shark Jumping… is she going to do it? It was so good to finally have a glimpse of the early years of G, her sins and ghosts, the guilt and resolutions make sense now. Even the bookshop job makes sense now… And something that I've realized while I was reading it is that I really care about Georgina. Even when she's defying my morals and ethic all the freaking time. But after a while it felt a little boring, I had to fight the temptation of skipping it. The second half of the book was angsty and I felt like watching Dora the Explorer screaming: There's the freaking mountain, you fools! The answers were there! Of course it was the Nyx's buddies. And Seth: Well, it seems he found his courage after all. That's an improvement. But it was all wrong. I can't help to feel sorry for Mandy. She didn't deserved any of this. And while I was reading it, I have a dejavu of Adrian, infidelity, selfish feelings, wrong choices… Why you keep doing this, Richelle? Roman… yeah, I don't know about him. He wants to kill her and next minute he bring her flowers… doesn't look like a healthy relationship, if you ask me. He was caring and thoughtful but still, try to kill her. Have some self-respect, woman!Carter: Marry me, already. My favorite character. I wish we could see more of his role int G's life. And I'll keep saying I don't find Jerome scary at all.Revelations: FINALLY. And it seems my shaman's powers still work because one of my predictions are about to be proved right. Erik's death, painful as it was, bring us one of the answers I've been waiting for. Two contracts? Seth is the reincarnation of what's-his-name, aka the husband? That's the reason why the evil guy want them to break up and the new succubus was flirting with Seth. So… is Seth going to sell his soul? Maybe in exchange for her sister in law's life? Knowing Richelle, she'd do something like that. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It have great moments, can't wait to read the last one.