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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - I've lost the ability to write coherent sentences. 1.5 Stars One word: frustration. lots of it.Anna had always been the Good Girl until she found Kaidan. He was the son of the Duke of Lust and you can imagine what he wanted from her from day one. Well, thank's good for Patti, Anna's foster mother who sent her on a road trip with this hot, enigmatic guy because he's an emancipated minor and is loaded. Hey, wait, don't get all judgmental right there. Before they left she warned him: "bring her with her virtue intact." That's what I call Parental Supervision. Good for her.The rest you can imagine, they talk, they flirt, they kiss. Things get real, but did I mention she's daughter of a demon AND an angel? yeah, the good side always kicking:"No", I told Kaidan. He pull his hand away and leaned back from me."Sorry, I had to play dirty. Some people work better under pressure. Now, if you don't mind I should probably walk it off." (...) Five minutes later he came back to me. His voice was quiet." Eww...And it wasn't just physical:"I don't trust either of us! We can't be together in any capacity ever again. It's a damn-near miracle you're still virgin now." Ok, maybe it was.Well, if Patti wasn't a good role model, I couldn't believe her father. "Hey, honey, after sixteen years I'm back. Let me show you how things work in my world. Let's drink till we can't feel things"And maybe it was because I was just laughing every five minutes, but I need to ask what on earth was this "work" they kept talking about? It was hilarious to read that the Dukes had called an emergency summit just to talk about a poor fat girl. And that scene was just... wrong. I'm sorry, they lost me when everybody was yelling at Anna and founding her virginity was an abomination.Finally, I think that angel entry at the end was very brief and incomplete, not a decent cliffhanger at all.