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Requiem - 2.5 Stars One thing is for sure here: Lauren Oliver is a brave writer. Well, after all the waiting and expectations about this book I must confess: I had a really hard time getting into Requiem's story. Mainly because it's been a long time since I read the second installment of the trilogy, but also because of Lena's voice. For me it was weak and totally self-centered. She was lost in her own thoughts all the time. Even in the middle of the battle!Probably you've read about an open ending (or the fact that there's no ending at all) and even if that made me wanna jump from the second floor, the big issue here was the absence of a real plot. At least for me, it felt like nothing particularly meaningful happened. Lena's POV didn't cooperate at all. I don't know a thing about the resistance, what's going on in the world, what will be the next move, I don't fucking care about who's she going to end up with... Once upon a time there was a plot, right? I mean, Delirium was about something. I recall loving it, the writing, the characters. Now I just don't see the point to be wandering in the Wilds, with no plan whatsoever, no leader... The love triangle. If you're gonna do a love triangle, do it right. Do it in a way I really suffer with you. Do it in a way I'd be willing to die for their happiness. Make me cry or laugh with them. Make me love them. Don't make me hate all of them because they're being selfish and immature! A fight? that was low... Alex's guilt? Julian's cluelessness? I don't care about that kind of love, and it's kinda ironic because this series was trying to explore the real meaning of love... well, we can all say Lena's love was selfish. Poor Hana and another non existent plot: It was really obvious that she was gonna play that role, it just took almost 300 pages to see that happen.I think this series deserved a better way to say goodbye :/