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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - I was reading this book thinking "this can't get any better", until I found out the audio version was out there. And it prove me wrong. The audio version makes this book so much better (one of my favorite characters was Colonel Christina Eliopolis, thanks to Becky Ann Backer).World War Z is a different kind of zombie book, but an honest to God zombie book in the end. It's structured as a documentary, a lot of interviews and remembrances about the zombie war with fascinating perspectives. The first Outbreaks, The Great Panic, The Total War, The VA: Different stages of the war described in detail by the very same witnesses. You may not have a main character to feel connected to, I think the main character is the human race, but that wasn't an issue for me to feel captivated by it from the beginning. However, I must admit the first half of the book was so much more enthralling than the second part. I think that the zombie war gave Max Brooks the excuse to talk about our greed, intolerance, stupidity, cruelty but also about our survival instinct, solidarity, heroism and sacrifice. My brother had to hear me talk about not only the chances of a world wide zombie invasion but also about in case of a zombie attack, how I'd definitely fear more the living than the dead. It's not dead scary but it's good. And you'll probably end up feeling like killing some zombies with Daryl Dixon.