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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan 3.5 Stars First 50 pages: This is SO GOOD. Characters: I love Kami! Love the jokes! And Jared... baby, I want a slice of you. Plot: Oh, it is awesome! Have no idea what's going on, but everything is so mysterious and intriguing. Excellent writing style.After 150 pages: Yeah, this is good. A little slower, please? Who's talking now? damn it!Characters: Kami, you little badass, keep loving you! Kami's dad, I want to adopt you.Plot: Solid plot.After 200 pages: (Ok, I need a dictionary) So, after all, the female character has the greater power. Absolute power over him. Isn't it every girls's dream? And he doesn't care… because he wants a relationship where he knows everything about her, where she is, who is she talking to, ruin her dates, but NOT touch her. He wants her mind!Characters: Kami, stop reaching for him. He's angry… Jared, are you gonna be angry ALL THE TIME? Walls down, buddy. Don't answer for her, don't decide for her. She's not of your propriety. Stop telling her you're gonna be better. Are you saying that just to make her feel guilty?Plot: We already know who did it, right? A little less feelings, a little more investigating? Where's everybody? Mom, dad, Ash? They are completely absorbed in each other, stop.Ending: Freaking cliffhanger. Mystery solved. Good twist.Characters: Kami… you're better without the link, honey. You'll thank me later. Jared, you selfish asshole. I still want a slice of you, anyway.[b:Beautiful Creatures|6304335|Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)|Kami Garcia||6488966], this is how you talk in somebody's head without being creepy.