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Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins I really loved Anna and the French Kiss, so I had really high expectations before reading Lola and the Boy Next Door.But I really liked it, this was so cute and funny to read. It was one of those quick reads, you just can' and you don't sleep and then you're like a zombie thinking: "What was the deal with the big wig?" But then you remember Cricket (that name) and maybe, just maybe the whole dressing up for the winter formal scene makes perfectly sense. Or not.Okay, this is what I loved about the book:* A lot of "awww's" while I was reading it. I'm not an "aww" person, I like the cute factor but I don't like it every two pages. But Ms Perkins knows how to do it, so I can assure you I was swooning with Cricket.* Lola craziness and creativity. She was really adorable, and I loved her relationship with her parents. But I was even more eager to see how her relationship with Norah was going to work out. Norah in the end prove to be a conflicted but goodhearted person. * St. Clare. I had trouble with:* Max as the villain. I don't know why for this to work, Max had to be this gross guy who didn't respect her. I've read [b:How to Save a Life|10757806|How to Save a Life|Sara Zarr||14982110] a few months ago, and there's a perfect example that you can move on with another guy without the drama and the nasty. Max wasn't the villain, actually, he was a saint in the beginning. I don't know how he could manage to go through the brunch day every weekend. She broke up with him, so technically he could do whatever he wanted. But I don't know why they couldn't finish their relationship in good terms. Besides, Lola was kind of chatting on him, so he had every right to be mad with her.* I like you/I love you/Just friends : Lola, you can't do that to a guy. That's just wrong. I mean, I love when a guy worship the ground I walk on, but it was really unfair to see him like a little puppy asking for cookies or in this case, a kiss.* Cricket, what's up with the name, dude? Okay, for future references, when a girl says "just friends" it's not like she's saying "I'm playing hard to get" even more if she has a boyfriend. You should respect that. * Predictability. After reading three lines of every scene, I already knew what was going to happen. :/