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Splintered - A.G. Howard 3.75 Stars I never felt normal as kid (that line is so Bella Swan, I know). But, really, being a girl with two brothers meant my favorite game was football (should I say soccer?) and the closest I'd been to read fantasy was this little book called [b:The Little Prince|157993|The Little Prince|Antoine de Saint-Exupéry||2180358]. So it wouldn't be a surprise to hear I know nothing about Disney Princesses or whatever they're called. My only approach to Lewis Carroll'[b:Alice in Wonderland|13023|Alice in Wonderland|Lewis Carroll||2933712] was through Hollywood. (And Johnny Depp)So, when I started reading this it came to my mind that maybe I should read the original tale before in order to enjoy this properly. After reading both [b:Alice in Wonderland|13023|Alice in Wonderland|Lewis Carroll||2933712] and [b:Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There|83346|Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There|Lewis Carroll||17240250] and doing some thoughtful research on the internet, aka looking it up in wikipedia, I have just one world for you: Obsessed. I don't know how but they got me. A.G. Howard is a hell of a creative writer. The way she reinterpreted a very well known story (for everybody but me) was great. This was like Once Upon a Time (the TV show?) but creepy and dark. The creatures in Splintered are so awesome. Everything felt spooky and kinda scary. You can tell this is aesthetically amazing just looking at that cover.Alyssa is a good character, complex and likable. My little tiny major problem with this book was that, like almost every YA book out there, this was too romance-centered for my taste. I was shouting to my book: GIVE ME MORE CREEPY WONDERLAND! but it insisted on more of Jeb in shiny armor. I was thinking that this book could have been totally different without Jeb in the middle. At least for me it would had been more enjoyable to be introduced in this amazing world through the eyes of Morpheo and not just Alyssa's memories. And without Jeb's overprotection and over controlling behavior. Along with Sister One, Morpheo was one of my favorite characters.