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Just One Day - Gayle Forman 4.5 Stars Years ago, when I was young, naive and immature a Willem found me. And when it was over I realized I was no longer the same. I know that even if he wouldn't have been my Willem, I'd have find that anyway. A person who changes you, challenges you. A person who destroys every feeling of certainty.Now I understand why I was so angry with this book. It might have been because our heroine was in a foreign country with a stranger, but also because it reminded me of that time when so much change.I had a list of every flaw I found in Allyson: childish, whiny, possessive, jelous, fool. And I had to admit I was like that once (yeah, I'm such a mature girl right now you have no idea). Allyson evolves, grows and learns how to be a better version of herself. And that's why this is one of those uncomfortable books that I'm always trying to avoid but always find me. They're my Willem. Books.I've been having a hard time in college lately and now I'm trying to revert that. So there were moments when I was almost looking myself in the mirror. I hope I'll have an ending like this one. Not the travel to another country part but the find my way on life part, like she did.You should totally read it. It's amazing in the end. I was hyperventilating in the final chapters.