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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa 2.5 Stars (I know the feeling, Buddy.) It didn't work for me… I'm sorry. Now, I'm gonna complain about it, so you've been warned.Three things I didn't like about this book:#1. Meghan: She's selfish, always complaining, talking like a spoiled ten year old, unfair with the cat, Puck, Ash. Even if it in the end, she became brave and even a martyr, it didn't work for me (I'm sorry, I just laughed when she was like: "Let's go win a waar! For Faeryyy!") It was great to see her trying to defend herself but every time she opened her mouth was to accuse, complain. There was this moment when she was saying: "how could you?", "how dare you?" but how about her?* How dare she to be angry with Puck after he saved her father from the Crazy Summer Queen? How could she forget he'd been looking after her for 16 years? He came back for her to the mortal world, even if that meant being exiled from the Summer Realm… and then she asks him to teach her to use Summer magic after her little tantrum? give him a break, Meghan… "…but I still haven't forgiven you for what you did to my family." He, bastard.* How dare she to ask Ash to be her knight even when she knows that being in the Iron Kingdom is going to kill him? And then she tells him she doesn't need him anymore. In the middle of the battle?#2. Ash: The possessive guy: "He's angry, but I think it's more at himself. After all, he had sixteen years to make his move. It's no one's fault but his own that I beat him to it.""So it's a competition now, huh?""If you want to call it that (…) I've already lost one girl to him," Ash murmured, tangling his fingers un my hair. (…) "I won't lose another. (…) I guess I should've warned you that I have a slight possessive streak." No kidding??He's over controlling every move she does. After he taught her to fight, he's angry because she's learning to be independent now. And this is my issue since I've read the first book... is this love? because of what? "Hey, I'll give my life for you, you're my heart, my existence." Edward much? By risking your life for the other one you're not necessarily proving you love her. I'm Team Ironhorse, btw. #3. Other stuff… For example, the love triangle. Yeah, our girl loves that tension. I mean, Puck asked her about the kiss, he asked her if there was a chance for him. He accused her of letting him carry away with this and she said: "Well, you lied my about my dad, call it even?" Come on, girl. You need to let the boy go, after everything he did for you, you're just a girl who loves to be in the spotlight, be loved, be admired. "You did it really well… you're amazing… Oh, god. You are our only hope, we won't do anything without you…" Is this Mrs. Kagawa's idea of being a heroine? It's not Meghan's fault, I've said it before. The writer is always putting her in this situations where it's really hard for me to relate to her.Also:Don't hate me. I'm no writer, I don't know how to make a story look good but I can tell you one thing: "Yes, suffer. Suffer for stealing my power from me. For thinking you were worthy to carry it. Now, you will die, and I will become the Iron King one more. The power of the Iron King is mine once again!" Muahahaha… I can see my little two brothers playing with their toys making funny faces saying the same lines… I mean, am I the only one who think this is kind of childish? And finally, the two stars are because of the epic ending in the last 50 pages (after a major eyes rolling reading...) That's the most unfair thing about this book. Now I really want to know what on earth are they gonna do… Darn it. It was better than I expect it, I'll have to admit.On the bright side, Meghan didn't cry on this book. And the cat yawned like, one thousand times more than in the first and second book all together. We got it. You were bored, Grim.PD: Oh! After reading this review I'm totally agree with her. Razor was the Iron Fey's version of the Gollum.