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Prodigy - Marie Lu As the second installment of the Legend series, Prodigy was better than Legend. As its predecessor, it was action-packed, easy to read and a page-turner. And just like its predecessor, I had just one little tiny issue: why were they so god damn young? Every time something incredible awesome happened, I just kept thinking how on earth it was even possible for a fifteen year old kid to "perch on top of the open door like a cat".However, one of the best things of this book was the realistic approach to the day after the victory. In the first book we saw them skillful, clever and bad asses. But now, they're alone, hurt and on the running. They only have each other but the thing is, just a month ago they were completely strangers. So, they need to figure out what's next. Not only between them but about their survival as well. She is alone, he needs to find his brother. Is June willing to follow the Republic's most wanted fugitive? Is Day willing to accept the help of the Republic's prodigy? It was interesting to see both of them struggling with their own insecurities. Day being self-conscious about his origins and June not sure about her own loyalties. This I can understand. Their insecurities, they're both very young and they've been dealing with a lot of pressure for the last years, to be the best, to be unstoppable, to depend on no one. And now they have this unique opportunity to depend on and feel secure in another's arms. I really like how much more global this book felt. Most dystopias gives us the feeling of a pocket universe but here we got a glimpse of what was going on in the world, how everything had change, global power, weather, laws.I really liked Anden. He was a total surprise because usually the new character is used as a plot device to makes us hate him and feel sorry for our hero. In this case, I really connected with him, his love for the Republic and fear facing alone the Senators. He's clever too, he knows how to act strategically in order to secure his new position. It didn't feel like the usual love triangle at all. Actually, June and Anden would work really well together in favor of the Republic. But... "Tess is sweet, selfless, healing"Nope, this I didn't like at all. Day had the idea of an angelical Tess but for me she was spitting out every word about June with venom. Do you think she was trying to protect him? No, she was bitter, jealous and not protecting the one she loved, just punishing him with her open wounds.That said, DAY IS DYING? That was a total surprise. And I'm not sure how I feel about it, I'm already imagining Day's attitude about it. He will try to protect her even if that means to be apart from her... damn it.I despise the Republic, don't I? I want to see them collapse, yeah? But only now do I make the distinction-I despise the Republic's laws but I love the Republic itself. I love the people. I'm not just doing this for the Elector; I'm doing this for them.