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Fire Country - David Estes Actual rating: 3.75I read The Moon Dwellers just a few days ago and I can see improvement in the author's writing and character development. One of the high points of this book is how Siena evolved from a little scrawny girl whose only purpose was to carry children to a strong, decided girl brave enough to confront her own father and overcome the lost of the ones she loved. The writing style may have been difficult for some people, but Siena's voice was not an issue for me, you should read [b:Blood Red Road|9917938|Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)|Moira Young||14692536] for some insane poetically minimal writing style. I believe one of David Estes' strengths are creating this amazing dystopian worlds. The fire country is a dangerous place, the life expectancy is no more than thirty-five and the village is in danger of extinction. So there's a rule, the Law and a bunch of eldest's only purpose is to make sure every man is provided of three young girls (Bearers) to have babies. Isn't that pretty? So it's with this unequal power relationship between women and men that Siena grows up and realizes of a conspiracy inside and outside of the village.There's a lot of the story that I really enjoyed. There's no insta-love, thank goodness. Circ is strong, skillful, sweet and unexplainably in love with Siena. I know, she evolves, she gets beautiful... but she's none of this things at first. I really don't know what he sees in her, she's flawed and totally insecure. I don't know how many references about how scrawny, skinny and weak are pointed out by herself along the first chapters."Skinniest, Scrawniest, Runtiest!"Give yourself a break.Another thing I really liked was the twist. But wouldn't have been even cooler if Circ would actually died? I mean, a little of pain is necessary sometimes and I don't know... after a few chapters I knew he was not dead, so at the end I was like Siena lost a lot of people, friends and family but one of the things that I couldn't understand was how well she managed all of that. I guess a little of depression and mourning would have made it more realistic. It feel too long sometimes, I found some scenes unnecessary. The Wildes were total badasses and it was a good thing they appeared, because I was losing my patience with all the "go to prison", "come back from prison", mom's cryptic message, Raja and the Keeper... but I loved Perry though! that really made me smile.Let's talk about the ending, shall we? I'm not sure I like it. I guess the way everything ended with her father was not enough for me. He let her mom died, killed her friends, killed her lover, gave her to a creepy old guy to have sex with her, for christ's sake, I would have killed him with my own hands. I wouldn't have listened to anything he had to say. But the worst part of it is... WHY would he kept Circ alive? what the hell with that? I mean, he was a good hunter, but was his father that stupid? One day she would have known he was there, it wouldn't have been that difficult. I would have loved another reason for that, like... someone rebelling against her father's orders and keeping him alive. I was a little confused with the Glassies and the Icers... what do they want? why did they want to invade? Another convenient sandstorm? There's a lot of things obviously prepared for the second book, the open ending, the remaining questions and the strange reorganization of the village is going to be for sure the main subject in the next installment. But I couldn't help to have the feeling of a pocket universe. I was a little confused with so many tribes and villages and I had to ask myself several times who were this guys? what was their deal? were they the bad guys? yeah, I was confused. This was a good story, I'm intrigued about this sister series thing, it seems pretty cool. I'd love to keep reading about David Estes in the future.Am I a bitch with the ratings or what? I'm sorry! for me those 0.25 really count.