Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Legend - Marie Lu 3.5 Stars. I really liked it.A great action-packed adventure, it reminded me of Divergent. There were chases, a lot of escaping scenes, good fights and even a moment when I almost cried when Jhon told his brother to be brave when facing his death.. Both June and Day were really good characters, likable and well developed. I loved the fact that June was a total badass just like Day. Both strong, clever and resourceful (maybe too resourceful?).Yes, it was a little predictable I guess but there were some moments that I really surprised me, like Day's mom death or Thomas killing June's brother I had a little trouble believing the plot. I understand they were prodigies, but it was a little weird to think all this was accomplished by fifteen-year old kids. All the sudden conclusions, the easy way it was resolved at the end... I guess it was asking me too much to believe.In the end it was definetly entertaining and I'll keep with the serie.