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Dairy Queen - Catherine Gilbert Murdock Don't judge a book by its cover. EVER. Or its title ^^How awesome it is when you're looking for something lighter to read than 600 pages of High Fantasy and you find a book like Dairy Queen. I am not the kind of reader who is easily impressed with chick-lit, because usually I'm already prepared for the same formula: the girl, the boy, drama, maybe a love triangle, forbidden love... Anyway, Dairy Queen really impressed me.DJ is not the common type of heroine. She's not sweet, insecure, incredible beautiful or talented, she's not smart or popular. Not even NOT popular, she just is. And what she is, is so beautiful and cute and different that you may fall in love with this amazing girl. She's generous, efficient, hard working and a great couch. One of the most fascinating things in the story is DJ's voice. Most of the time she was just thinking, not talking. So hearing her thoughts was one of the things that I really enjoyed. She impressed me with her commitment, her life philosophy even giving up to her own dreams because of her family.Like DJ, I've had this moment in my life when I had to decide for myself: going with the flow or take my future into my own hands. And everybody knows how hard it is when you feel you're letting someone you love and respect down. When people is counting on you to pursue their dreams. But as me, DJ understood you need to create your own path, and boldly, she did it. One of the main problems in DJ's life is not talking, or not talking back. And I can understand that. A lot is missed when you don't talk. Amber almost lost her friend, DJ almost lost her future, Brian almost lost the one he loved, and DJ's family almost lost each other. In Brian's words:When you don't talk, you know, there's a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.And the ending? I really loved this story, simple, different and cute. I can't wait to read [b:The Off Season|649514|The Off Season (Dairy Queen, #2)|Catherine Gilbert Murdock||635653]. One would think they would improve the cover design, right? ^^