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Losing It - Cora Carmack Inauguration of my new shelf: Insta-Lust!Bliss is twenty two years old and, believe it or not, she still has her V-Card in hand. God forbid ending college like this! So our heroine, helped by a friend, decides to take action and find some random guy just to know what all the fuzz is about (awesome message, btw) Well, the lucky prospect is a beautiful, british and mysterious guy reading Shakespeare (in a bar, yes) so after a few words, they decide to go the her apartment to close the deal. Of course, they've never done anything like that EVER, and she's not a slut and he's not like every guy in town. But they CONNECTED, so of course, that's a green card.Hey, Garrick. You're a teacher, right? that bar was close to College, right? most of the students probably go there to get drunk, right? So... you didn't think to ask her what did she do for a living before helping her to lose it?I'll be honest: Because I was reading NA, I decided that even if the premise was kinda silly I would be okay with it and focus in the story instead. Maybe that was my mistake. (If you didn't read it, there're gonna be some major spoilers)So, they're in the middle of it. She didn't tell him she was a virgin so obviously he's taking things really fast. She realizes she's not ready and comes up with the most ridiculous excuse ever: a non existent cat in a 24 hours vet. He obviously realizes she's not comfortable, she's hiding something, so he leaves. She think everything is in the past but the next day... wait for it... the british guy is her professor!And now is when things get weird. People think this is a cute and sweet story but I just don't get it. I'll admit it, at first I was on board because of the funny and awkward scene between them, but it was after they decided to leave everything in the past that I realized Garrick was, in fact a possessive idiot.Why? Because he didn't let anything in the past. At first I though this was going to be that kind of situation when life gets in the way, so they were forced to be together in this crazy situations all the time and they couldn't help it and yada yada... but it wasn't like that at all. Our friend Garrick was taking advantage of every opportunity he had to speak to her alone and try to kiss her. Of course, Bliss was ecstatic so it didn't bother her at all."Hey, this is NA, get over it, you old-fashioned tool!" That's what I said to myself, so I just keep reading."Okay, let's do it," they said. So we have some sexy funny scenes where Bliss is always awkward and clumsy and Garrick is always in control and overwhelmed by her sexyness. Must I say that all the scenes between this two lust-birds are either about when, how or why to do it? Just go and check it. All they talk about is how he CAN'T CONTROL IT. And of course, our little virgin is melting in desire all the way."You loser, if you don't like it, don't read it!" Sorry, I just have to keep going.Let's add some drama, all right? But with whom? Of course! with the only normal human being in the story: Cade. They'd been friends since first day in College, he had been in love with her for ever, he knew her, he understood her. So when he admitted it to her, she decided to give herself a little time to think about it, even when all she thought about was Garrick. CRAPY FRIEND I'll say. She let him suffer a few days just to explain him later that there was someone else. And he got angry. Really??? why?? should we have done something else? Oh, damn. Why is the world so unfair with us, Bliss? He was used as a plot device, turned into an asshole and trying to make us all hate him for not understanding her. After that, Bliss got angry with Garrick. He was talking to Cade, who still didn't speak to Bliss. He was lecturing Cade to get over Bliss, to be a man, to be an actor, not to be overwhelmed by her sexyness... She exploded and said some hurtful things to her precious Garrick and after he left she cried. Guess who was there to comfort her? the only normal human being, you're right.After that things got creepy, everybody got sick with mono and Garrick and Bliss ended up in bed for a few days and only god knows what happened there. I was already bored by then.The best part? The epilogue, that ending was cute. Will I read the second installment? I don't think so.Edit: The second book is about Cade, the only normal human being! Damn... now i want to give it a try.Looking for a good NA book? [b:Easy by Tammara Webber |16056408|Easy|Tammara Webber||19113823] The best I've read so far.