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Front and Center - Catherine Gilbert Murdock An amazing MC for an inspiring YA series. I really liked Front and Center as a warm and refreshing coming of age story. Catherine Gilbert Murdock is an exceptional writer who gave us the perfect ending for this trilogy with real characters and real problems. DJ's relationship with her parents and brothers seemed a little bittersweet to me. She had to manage with all the pressure and expectations. Realized how strong and brave she was, how talented she truly was even when it was so hard for her to gain some self confidence. One of my favorite quotes of the book was:Because if you're not okay with who you are, why should anyone else be? That kinda sums up what I loved about this whole series. She realized she could do anything and go wherever she wanted to go once she accepted herself. Oh, I'm so sorry for Beaner! That part was not my favorite thing in the book... DJ has been one of the cutest and funniest heroines I've ever read and it is really sad to say good bay.