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Indelible - Dawn Metcalf Brief review: For a newbie, Indelible will be amazing, different, unique and captivating. But I've read this book before if you know what I mean. It felt unnecessary complicated, boring and reminded me a little to Mortal Instruments of dear C. Clare (and that's bad news for me). The characters were okay, at first Ink was lovely, innocent. But then insta-love got in the way and everything became cheesy and boring between them. I found the plot... well, actually I didn't find it. The story was difficult to keep up with. In order to create a distinct world building, Dawn Metcalf make it a little too complex for me. There's people who really enjoyed it, so I feel a little dumb tbh. But I guess you should give it a try if you don't mind insta-love, manage to understand it and LOVE the Cassandra Clare's touch.The cover again succeeded on persuade me to request a book that in the end just disappointed me.