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Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman ALL THE STARS After reading Eona, I asked myself: why didn't I read this before? And the answer came easily: Because I was not ready. Don't look at me like this, I'm being honest. To properly enjoy a book like this, you should be prepared to read almost 650 pages of awesomeness, and even if this was enthralling from page one, it did was a long reading, a lot of characters, customs and mythology to keep up with. An honest to goodness high fantasy book, and I completely and irrevocably loved it.I'm not even gonna try to make a review about Eona, if you're looking for one here is a good one, but I just want to let all the feelings go, because there are so many... From the beginning, Alison Goodman had been playing with my emotions. Eona was so vulnerable and insecure but then she got stronger and braver, accepting her role not only as Naiso but also as the Ascendent Dragoneye. One of the coolest things was every time she and her dragon were one in the joyous union. Her relationship with Kygo was amazing. I LOVED THEM. And one of the most incredible things about this book was there wasn't any unnecessary drama. I mean, Goodman didn't waste any time making stupid scenes with immature jealousy or some foolish behavior. Everything felt so real and perfectly understandable. Like the boat scene, when Eona and Ido were trying to save everybody, I understood the dark attraction not to Ido as a man, but the desire of power and the pleasure of exploring her own powers as well. Ido was so confusing. It was weird to realized he was twenty something, I had though he was an old man. But he was really messing with me because near the end I was really hoping he would become a good guy, I was waiting for some act of redemption. I guess I got him, his ambition and hunger for power above everything else, also his sexyness. Love and power are explored along the journey, and every character gave us their own interpretation of them. For Ido, love was about power but also a weakness. For Kygo, power was the only thing he was able to seek, because the empire was always first. Ryko was avoiding love, but Dela was willing to lose her free will in order to be loved. In the end, Eona had to answer the question too, love or power?Again, the secondary characters are as captivating as the MC. One of my very favorites was and still is Lady Dela. Oh, man... I just loved her. She was totally perfect, her role as a friend, an adviser, a confident was played perfectly. And her relationship with Ryko was heartbreaking. was it really necessary to kill Ryko?? Yeah, it was. As he said, he was healed for a reason. However, I hated Dela's lost .The ending... after so much stuff happening, it was kinda difficult to know how it was all going to end. I think Goodman could have taken her time with the last part. After Eona was captured, everything happened really fast. She made me suffer a little in the end, actually I was freaking out tbh. But overall, I felt satisfied. Amazing series.