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A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger The first half of A Midsummer's Nightmare is an uncomfortable reading. But in a good way. While I'm used to read about smart, gentle, kick-butt heroines, With is totally different. She's real. And that means she is selfish, foolish, immature, sarcastic (I love Kody Keplinger's writing style) and most of the time she makes the wrong choices. It doesn't seem to be the kind of book a parent would approve. But the story needs this kind of rawness to give us a taste of With's life. The rape attempt scene is very real and well developed. I still feel the chills She's hurt and alone. She needs a family, she's been escaping for so long after her parent's divorce. She's drinking and partying to bear with everything. She's been building a reputation in high school and she's lost. And then, she finds Sylvia, Nathan and Bailey and everything changes.Bailey is so lovely. I felt in love with her. Sylvia is the perfect kind of stepmother and Nathan is sweet and suportive. And a good kisser. And loves Battlestart Gallactica.And hot. Yes, I'll take one, please.The second half is a little more predictable. I've read The DUFF about a few days ago and I felt the same about that book. It's like all the bad assenness of the main character relaxed a little. Maybe that's because the author needs to get to closure. I don't know. But it felt like something was missing. Like I was waiting for something to happen, but everything resolves too much easyly.However, I like the ending. I love that this wasn't focus on the romantic story only, she finds a family, friends and a place in the world. She also gets to really understand her relation with her father, it wasn't as healty as she thought it was. Not everything is perfect, though. Her mom and college are still waiting for her, but we can see that she's ready to face them.It's one of those books you read in one afternoon. Really enjoyable.