Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Easy - Tammara Webber All I could think of while I was reading this book was: "OMG, guilty pleasure".Jacqueline is a realistic character with flaws and weakness but also you can see her develope a strong character as the story goes by. Lucas is hot and mysterious with a dark past and a goddamn list of skills to make a woman melt just by touching her but also smart, gentle and caring. The story begins with an attempted rape and as the main theme of the book, I think it is really interesting to read all kind of reactions people has in front of this sensitive issue.There were moments where I thought: "this is so Twilight". But this is not that kind of book, thanks god. It's good, complex in its own way, captivating, but also light and funny. The book had me giggling, being sucked into the reading, needing a break to take some air, and cheering: "girl power!".I loved Erin, Jacquelines's BFF, btw. Specially the lawnmower's noice. Finally, Lucas was everything a girl wants. Seriously, he was everything a girl wants and that was kind of an issue for me (I hate too perfect, unreal characters). But because there was no danger of insta-love and he was also weak and made some dumb decisions I think this book is a safe reading and I loved it.My logic tells me to give it 3 stars but my heart is ready for one more. So, 4 Stars, all right....and: I hate the cover.