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Blameless - Gail Carriger 3.5 Stars Well... I'm disappointed. One of the best things about Soulless was Alexia and Lord Maccon's relationship. Either they were fighting or making out, it was always fun, they were on fire. In the previous book, Carriger had decided that it was time to pull off one hell of cliffhanger so I ended up extremely upset. In no time I went to read Blameless in need of an answer (the cliffhanger worked). What did I find? I found myself bored, I even wanted to skim some pages but I forced myself to finish it. I don't understand why. Soulless was perfection but Blameless felt fireless. The ending was unacceptable. Easily concluded, a few kisses and nudity was all it take for Alexia to forgive him and that was all. I was expecting him to grovel like he had promised. However, I do love Alexia. She was adorable, brave, witty, charming. I loved her relationship with Madame Lefoux (she's been flirting, right? ^^) and Floote's loyalty. I'm in love with Lord Akeldama, he's fantastic. Even Ivy proved to be helpful.Not sure about the rating yet and not sure about keeping up with the series either.