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Changeless - Gail Carriger 3.75 StarsTHAT ENDING... ·____·The Parasol Protectorate series is, among my shelves, a very particular one. Let my explain myself:First of all, our heroine is not sixteen years old. Alexia is a grown woman, she knows who she is and what she wants. She never accepts a no for answer and she's used to be in the spotlight (A spinster with a weird parasol?) Also, there's no annoying love triangle in this story. Alexia and Conall are wide enough complex and interesting to give us readers all the excitement and can't-stop-reading factor that we need. The relationship between this two is hilarious and so provocative, they're both stubborn and self confident but sweet and sexy also. Another particularity is the writing style. I guess, this is what makes Parasol Protectorate series stand out among other paranormal series. The world building and characters are exquisite and Gail Carriger is, in my opinion, someone to keep an eye on.That said, can anyone explain me that ending??? I'll admit it. The fist book was so much better than this one, and maybe (just maybe) the only reason why I finished it so excited and/or angry was because of the way things ended up between Alexia and Conall. I'll say it: I was bored in the middle of it, the story was moving really slowly and I abandoned it a few times. Also, I know that the writing style is a character itself, but the author choose the most inconvenient moments to add comments. Trying to be amusing they ended up being kinda distracting.I don't understand why Alexia was putting up to her annoying family, I think she is brave enough to make a stand and get rid of them.Overall, Gail Carriger managed to still have my attention. I know I'll be reading the next one, 'cause I really need to see Conall suffer. Yeah, I love him, but he must pay ^^