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Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger Another five star reading! Soulless is brilliant, clever, refreshing and sexy.While I was reading, I felt the need to settle in the drawing room and ask my butler to serve a coup of tea and some jam and bread sandwiches. Everything felt so proper and exquisite but then Miss Tarabotti showed up with her witty comebacks and intelligent humor and just then I realized I was going to fall in love with Lord Maccon this book. And Lord Maccon. And his ability to annoy Miss Tarabotti even while he was nude.The flirting was so intense, they were like this old couple fighting about everything, even when they both agreed in some subject. It was like a sexy, wittier and paranormal version of Pride and Prejudice (!) Okay, I went too far, but I honestly think is the writing style what separates this book from other paranormal stories, the Victorian society, customs, fashion and the steampunk touch makes Soulless a total non-stop reading.Yeah, love him loved it.