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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (Necromancer, #1) - Lish McBride 3 Stars :/ I hate giving a book three stars because it usually means I had a hard time with it. Two Stars or less and I'm either hating it with all my soul or enjoying how bad the book was. Four stars or more and I'm doing the happy dance.Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (HMCN) is one of those 3 stars book where you don't know what went wrong. I've been trying to put my finger on the main issue here but I don't know why it didn't completely work for me. I really liked Sam. Lish McBride managed to write a pretty decent male POV, Sam was such a likable guy with a peculiar sense of humor (shared by every single character in the book) and a big heart. The plot was ok, I'd never read anything about necromancers so I was really excited about HMCN and prepared for a lot of creepy details and zombies and dead guys with their guts over the floor and blood... well, it didn't happen. Actually, it was after the first half of the book that something really happened. And I still don't get it what was Douglas trying to achieve. It seemed a little silly for me to be training someone you hate and want to kill. I mean, the bad guy's motivation to train Sam and Sam's motivation to learn from him are a little lost for me. Brid was again, a likable character and a strong, independent woman. But that's all I can say about her. Ramon, Brooke, Frank, they were all interesting but I didn't feel connected with them. I read about a heartbreaking moment, I assume it was when Sam let Brooke's head go and be dead for real but honestly, for me it wasn't such a painful scene. It's like I'd missed some chapters. The story started letting us know about the characters and then went from point A to point B. And the end. And stuff happened maybe thinking in the second book because for me it didn't have closure. Like Sam's Uncle and dad, the big crow, Ramon's health, the council, the cat...There was the potential to be an awesome reading. Lish McBride's writing was light and funny. But I had this feeling that it wasn't ambitious enough, it was good but it could have been so much better. There's so much I really need to know about HMCN's world. So I'm willing to give HMCN series another chance and read the second installment.