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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry Actual rating: 3.5 Stars I have to give McGarry the credit for going out of the comfort zone. This book is definitely dealing with serious subjects such as mental illness, dealing with grief, adoption, amnesia after a traumatic experience, suicidal behavior, drugs, sex, abuse and more. Despite of that, there was a moment when I had to ask myself: Am I too old for this kind of book? I mean, this was way too intense. All I could think was: "Ok, right, they like each other... but I think that is too much" I mean, Echo loved him more than anything in the world. Noah wanted to take care of her forever. Considering what they'd been through and how lonely and unstable they were, it felt a little wrong to see this two fragile, traumatic kids investing so much on a relationship that began as physical attraction. There were moments where I felt Noah's rawness a little over the top. I mean, he was undressing her from day one. And I get that they evolved and everything, but it was just too much insta-love for me. And he was too explicit for a YA book, in my opinion. However, I really enjoyed Noah's POV when he wasn't undressing Echo with his eyes. The way he felt for her brothers, the way he assumed responsibility for them, his worries, fears, hopes. Really captivating. And Echo was an interesting character, even though you could see from the beginning what had happened with her mom. She grew and got stronger. That was really great.There's also a sharp critic to the foster care system, how a "file" could ruin you, how little you can learn from a boy's file, how oblivious sometimes adults can be. The misadventures of those kids who can't/won't complain about the abuse because of fear or convenience. Beth scene was just... amazing. Half start for that. But also there's people who cares. Not everything is bad "in the system".And there's one thing I can't stand even less than Insta-love and that's Angsty love. The last chapters where unnecessary full of it. She dumped him, she kissed him. She left him, she went to him. Weeks passed, they didn't talk to each other... they can't be apart. The dialogs where really immature sometimes. Cliche for my taste. I'm telling you, one more "baby" and I was going to scream. Am I too old for this?My favorite was Mrs Collins, she totally nailed it. The ending was too predictable, too sweet. How things work out with her dad, Ashley, Noah's brothers... Damn, I AM too old for this. ^^