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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa 3.5 Stars Wow, I've seen a lot of 5 stars over there... Just two words for this book: TOO SLOW.Yeah, another vampire story, but it was good. Kanin is the real deal and Allie was a real bad-ass heroine from the beginning. But I must say that it was too slow... a little boring sometimes and I was thinking:*Is there a reason Ruth died? *I didn't see all this affection going between Darren and Allie at all... :/ buddies? friends? when? sorry, I missed it.*Zeke and Allie: where was the attraction between them? where did it come from? I mean, yeah, both single beautiful young people, alone in a cursed world, but there should be something more than just know how to hunt or "I've just found this little boy"...*The Archers: too nice to be true, I was expecting they were this crazy family or something ^^*The Cover... say what? Asian really? I hated Stick.I LOVED the katana.