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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones 3.75 StarsThe Good: * Funny: I love Charley's sense of humor.“If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact.” * Sexy: Oh, Reyes... what am I gonna do with you? Chapter 17 was a gift from heaven.* Harper: That was TOTALLY unexpected. She got me there. Good for you, Jones.* Charley's tears: Well, for someone who's always taking things as lightly as she can, that moment was really beautiful. I really had a hard time in the previous book with the torture scene. Is good to know she's surrounded by people who loves her.* Artemis FTWThe Bad * I got to see very little of Ubie, Garret, her dad, even Gemma.* Charley and Reyes: Ok, it's so not about the hot scene. That scene is fine. Don't change that scene! It's about their relationship or the absent of it. I've been saying this since the first book. They don't have a relationship. This is a weird attraction. Maybe Satan is behind this. I don't know, but Charley needs to keep her pants on. She can't be so weak. I get it, she's been through a lot. But she needs to take a deep breath and think about Reyes's betrayal. He user her as a bait. The bad guy almost killed her. Am I missing something here? He's almost suicidal fighting and hunting, but this is NOT LOVE. Girls, you need to stop doing that. When a guy goes suicidal for you, it doesn't mean he loves you. It just mean he has issues. Period.She was angry, then she said she was not anymore. Then she was angry with herself? Why? For trying to keep everybody alive? This is getting ridiculous. Reyes needs to get his shit together and stop treating her as a piece of meat.* Charley and Donovan: What's going on? a love triangle? really? Mexico?* The Not-Supernatural Grimm Reaper: This is getting old. I'm tired of Charley having her ass kicked in every new installment. When is she going to learn to defend herself? It's not enough with a little scene... her dad shooting her was kind of sick, but I appreciate the fact that we now know she can move really fast. And the last scene with the shooter was great, but she needs to learn to control her abilities. .I'll stop here. There was so much stuff happening that it seemed like Jones was trying to distract me from the fact that the plot's development was really slow. I don't know why everybody keeps secrets from Charley (her dad, Reyes about Walker, Reyes about the demons, Reyes about her past) and why a damon'd try to make a deal with her.I don't know why Garret is acting weird. Is he the impostor?When is Charley gonna use her powers?I still don't know what's coming next. The end of the world? why? when? how? where? God damn it! ^^Can't wait for Fifth Grave Past the Light.