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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer 3.5 Stars I'm still not sure about the rating. I really liked it. There were good moments, but I found myself a little bored in the end. I already knew about the ending and while I was reading it I felt the need to skip some pages. That's never a good sign :/I'm gonna try to tell you about what I loved about Scarlet.* Scarlet: How awesome it is that now we have Little Red Riding Hood in the Lunar Chronicles series? And she's such a brave and unstoppable character. She didn't give up, she was always sure of what she wanted and her love for grandma.* Iko, Thorne, Wolf: Oh, you little awesome android! She's so lovely and funny. I was hopping to see her again. I'm so glad she came back. Thorne was so funny, sarcastic and charming. I really hope to see him as a friend and companion of Cinder in the third installment. And Wolf was so attractive and vulnerable sometimes. I loved him in [b:The Queen's Army|16075962|The Queen's Army (Lunar Chronicles, #1.5)|Marissa Meyer||21871423] and I loved him here.* About the story: So, finally Cinder is aware of who she is. I liked to see her still as a main character, even when Wolf and Scarlet were the the central story. In the end she has a purpose, friends who will help her and a plan to follow in Cress. Now, this is what didn't work for me:* Plot: Like in Cinder there's so much about this story that I already suspected from the beginning. I'd read [b:The Queen's Army|16075962|The Queen's Army (Lunar Chronicles, #1.5)|Marissa Meyer||21871423], so Wolf was not a new character for me. I knew why he was on earth and how the Evil Queen was preparing her army to invade humans. So, while Scarlet was trying to find her grandma at all cost, the author was giving us the choice to believe in him even when I knew he was going to betray her in the end. * Characters: I loved every single one of them. But one thing that really upset me was how everybody was so oblivious to the fact that Cinder was Princess Selene. I mean, they just had to do the mats. The clues were everywhere and they just didn't see it. It was so frustrating. Why, oh why would the Queen attacked some little town if it wasn't because someone or something important was there? I mean, could they at least check it? Captain Thorne didn't see it, Kai didn't see it, Wolf and Scarlet didn't see it even when they heard about some Linh guy and some Linh chick and some princess of the same age of the Lunar girl. Come on, guys!* Insta-love: I'm sorry... I really am. My sister is so angry with me, she says their love was genuine and he was so cute and more. But my issue here is: ONE freaking day? And it wasn't a day of revelations and intimate confessions. Scarlet falls for this guy but she shouldn't have trusted in him in the first place. So yeah, for me it was too much. I know this is a juvenile reading but despite of it, I couldn't just let it go.However, I'm really into this series and I will read the third installment, that's for sure.