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Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones In my mind, 4 Stars is a must read. So don't you be deceived by one less star. Everybody should read this series.Charlie is incredible funny, sarcastic and a total badass. Reyes is smocking hot and I'd give him full permission to stalk me while I'm sleeping anytime . But the eternal impasse they were having was almost exasperating. I'd really love to see them work together. Or some kind of healthy interaction for at least five minutes. Nevertheless, Reyes is delicious. I didn't like the way she managed her father's confession. The fact that he exposed her to grave danger was unfair and kind of crazy, even if he suspected she had supernatural abilities. I wanted to see more drama, I mean, she's all about drama, so it'd had make sense if she had kick someone's ass or something. And about the mystery... yeah, I don't know. it was the mom? really? However, every character in this series is incredibly awesome. Cooky, Uncle Mr. Hemorrhoids, Sexy Garret, even crazy Satan's daughter. I want the third book right now.