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Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter I really enjoyed the first installment of Heist Society. I think the writing style and the third person narrative makes this trilogy refreshing. And Uncommon Criminals is not bad at all. The plot was ok, maybe too easily resolved in the end. But even if I loved the Ocean's Eleven vibes I got while I was reading it, everything seemed maybe to conveniently perfect. One of my issues here were the characters and not only because of their age (this is definitely a YA book). Kat was a little annoying or was it maybe the narrator who reminded me once and again about the Henley job? Hey, did you know she's the master mind behind the Henley job? YES, I've just read the first book... Do you know she's a genius thief? YES, you've told me that already... Almost everybody loves when the hero in the story is caring and thoughtful all the time but I'm not sure about Hale... I mean, he was overprotective and a little possessive with Kat. If the girl wants to go on a road trip and you're not invited, just let it go, dude. But there's so many ups and downs between this two that it was a little irritating for me.The rest of the characters were barely developed, even when Gab is an amazing character (I'd read a spin off with her, without question). The twins were slightly mentioned, they didn't play a big role in the book and worst of all, I don't remember anything particularly outstanding about them. Also, how many times is Hale going to "inch closer" or "step closer" or "lean closer" to Kat? Like forty times. I counted them.