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A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray A Great and Terrible Beauty is a big cocktail of genres. A beautiful written historical fiction with mystery, a lot of gossip, a little of romance?, all tied up with an amazing ribbon of magic and fantasy.I'll be honest, the first 30 pages in India were pretty decent. I was getting into the story, eager to know every character, plot, world building. But after that, I found myself forcing me to keep reading. Yes, the last 50 pages were a storm of action, twists, incredible revelations Lovely Virginia = Mary Dowd (I didn't see that coming, maybe because I was too busy convincing me this was worth reading…) and the final chapters were delightful. The author gave me the opportunity to explore the injustices of the victorian society and oppressed feminine sexuality and the pursuit of happiness and individuality. But here's the thing: It doesn't matter if a book has a great plot, or world building if you can't feel excited about it. The story was boring in the middle. Actually, it was just near the end when I found it really interesting. Gemma is an exquisite character, complex, vulnerable, reckless. But sometimes they were all acting like spoiled, bored girls making all the wrong choices. The friendship between the four girls felt dangerous, fake, selfish, superficial. Kartik was, in my humble opinion, a victim of objectification. I found zero connection between him and Genna apart from those sexual dreams. Was he there only to spice the things a little? There was so much going on and I think some of it was missed in the way: The gypsies, Ann's cutting problem, Mary Dows's sacrifice (Can we think about that for a moment?) and some more that I've already forgotten.I finished it really excited, which is kind of unfair, because now I want to keep reading the series.