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Shut Out - Kody Keplinger Kody Keplinger's books are light, ridiculously funny, hot and entertaining. And if you're clever enough, you may learn something. I loved DUFF, so I've been trying to read more of her work.This is not one of her best ones, I must admit. Shut Out is a one-sit read, exploring teenage sexuality, independence, and how mean girls can be (like declaring a sex strike… just imagine the boyfriends). Still funny and honest, one of the things that didn't work for me was that I didn't connect with Lissa. I couldn't relate with her. Chloe and Cash and even Kelsey were more interesting for me than her. And even if it was awesome to imagine something like this to happen, the plot didn't work for me. It didn't seem realistic enough for me or even necessary, but I did have some funny moments.One of my favorite scenes: She stayed quiet. "He totally made me dinner. Like, he went into my kitchen and cooked me a fucking meal. Since when can he cook? But anyway. Yeah. He was so sure I was pissed that he would do anything to suck up. It was cute… and lame. Mostly cute." "So, in other words, Kelsey has a girlfriend now," Susan joked. Kody keeps failing me in the endings of her books. They all feel kind of weak. Too cheesy and cliché for my taste.