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Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen 3.75 Stars Garden Spells is the story of an unusual family with a legacy they can not run away from. Claire became her family name really quickly but it took Sydney ten years of abuse and pain to realize where she belonged. Every character was well developed, it was really interesting how every family had a role in the Bascom Society, the boys who married older women. The women who always married well (and by that I mean sex goddess). The family where one of the boys was born with supernatural strength. And the Waverly, with a stubborn tree and special flowers.Evanelle was one of my favorites, I loved that old lady with the inappropriate comments and her curious ability. Bay was such a sweet girl and so mature. Even Emma, with her poisonous mother and all her insecurities made a relatable character.It was a nice reading, really sweet and tender. Yet, while I was reading it, Claire reminded me of Sally Owens in Practical Magic. And the ending with the tree saving the day when David appeared was disappointing. The love story was nice but maybe I smelt a little of insta-love with Tayler.Overall, it was ok. I'm a little confused though because I was reading it because of the "Month Creature" Challenge, but now that I think of it, were they witches? o_O