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Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead 3.75 Stars My last approach to Mrs Richelle Mead was in the final book of the VA Series and I have to admit that I was really disappointed about it, so I decided not to read anything from her for a while. Well, I'm glad it's over. Succubus Blues is a great adult Urban Fantasy book, a funny, sexy, entertaining and enjoyable read.Georgina is far from perfect, vain, selfish, witty (man, I'm so weak when it comes to a witty female character) and really seductive woman who develops high morals for a succubus creature. She doesn't want to do what succubus do to nice guys, so she chooses only bad ones. And thirty year old virgins.About the whole mystery stuff, I kind of saw that coming from the beginning, but all the characters were really enjoyable, so it was easy to forget about that.There's this last scene where I was like THIS: Good for you, Richelle!