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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Second Review: So, I came back to Last Sacrifice and I know that 2 stars is not accurate what I feel about this one. I just felt sad and frustrated. This was a BAD ENDING of a good series. The first 3 books were awesome. And then, this?Even though there were really sweet moments between Dimitri and Rose, I think the end was really unfair for Adrian and Rose/Dimitri. It was an infamous prelude to the spin-off. I felt used. Like, "hey, you love Adrian, right? Ok, go and buy my next series! Sydney? Yeah! You know near nothing about her, but they're gonna be together. It totally makes sense. Well.. it doesn't. First Review: 2 Stars I loved the series. Really, really loved it, but the ending? Why, Mrs. Mead? Why? I mean, don't get me wrong, I live for happy endings, but this one was over the top.Dimitri was no longer Dimitri... he became this sentimental guy who cries and who's willing to sleep with somebody's girlfriend just because he "forgives himself"... and what about Rose and the bound? Lissa became a queen, just like that? What about Adrian? Tasha was the bad guy, and what happened with her? Hey, and Sydney?