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Winter's Passage - Julie Kagawa 2.5 Stars I think I should have probably read this before reading [b:The Iron Daughter|7747064|The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2)|Julie Kagawa||7030241]. Because I felt a little boring at the end with all the last events.I still think Meghan's obsession is annoying. But I have to admit that Mrs Kagawa knows how to create an awesome fantasy world. I'd have love to see more of the Elder Dryad and Puck. And it felt a little like Wiki-Iron Fey for me. I mean, half of the book is trying to explain the first one, and the other half is what you'll read in the second book ^^Also: is it me or every time Ash rides a horse, Meghan is amazed because it's like he'd done it a thousand times?