Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Everneath - Brodi Ashton I don't know that to say about this book. I really, really like it. The first chapters were so beautiful and sweetly painful to read. I was really interested in the Hades and Persephone myt. I was intrigued about the relationship between Nikki and Cole and his hypnotic effect over her. He was seductive and even charming sometimes but dark and dangerous. I was falling for Jack every time Ashton gave us those flashbacks, but also every time Jack tried to get closer to Nikki in the present. And the ending, the twist, the cliffhanger... I'm upset because this should've been a 5 stars book, but something was missing in the middle. I mean, You just can't explain all the mythology about Everneath on a phone call with some random professor. I was expecting a little more about it. More symbolisms, data, anything... I hate to admit that sometimes a feel a little bored. But I totally recommend it. Can't wait to read the second book and find out what happened.