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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson 4.5 Stars You know when you're reading a book and you're thinking: Am I giving it 3 or 4 stars? I donno... and then BOOM! and you're like: 5 stars, everybody! Well, this book is like that but in reverse.The first 200 pages were genius, refreshing, hypnotic, beautifuly written. I even forgot it was a prn romance. Alison saw the world through colours, tastes and sounds, it was really captivating. She was in a mental institution and the way she used to described her confussion, fears and overwhelming sensations had me on the edge of my seat. She won my affection from the beginning. She didn't need to tell us about her hair or the colour of her eyes or how mesmerizing Faraday was... The plot was solid (the misterious murder of her nemesis) and the characters around her fitted perfectly in the story. The flashbacks, the doctors and patients, Faraday... even her incompetent parents.Suddenly there's like a different voice in the main character. I don't know why but after the twist everything felt different.* He confessed he was an alien * He admited his love for her * She helped him* They were in outer space* They found Tori, it's revealed that she was an alien too* She helped them to go back* They love each other!* Everything was explained and she came back homeAnd I was a little bored by then... :/ But by the final chapter everything was beautiful again and it reminded me why I was giving it 5 stars.