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Forged by Greed - Angela Orlowski-Peart 2.5 StarsI received a copy of Forged by Greed by Angela Orlowski Peart in exchange for an honest review."The Shifters, the humans, and the deities alike are driven by greed. No matter if it’s love or power or money we desire. Greed for something that we want more than anything else makes us determined and blind to everything else." Forged by Greed is the story of two teenagers, Jatred and Jasmira, both shape-shifters from opposing races getting ready to take their roles as King and Queen. And now is when Romeo and Juliet meets shape-shifters and you have love, mistery, treason, paranormal romance, some action, a good battle and a nice touch of mythology, all in one book.I must say that I found this book very intriguing in the beginning. I think the author built a great world and the storyline was really good.What I did love:*The cover, the title. Man, I love that title.*The plot itself was brillant. Wolf and leopard shape-shifters of opposing sides who share a forbidden love? Magicians? I'm all for it.*The world construction, the mythology included in the story, especially in the final battle, when each goddess revealed herself as different entities. The Summer and the Winter realm and the story of each race.What I didn't love:*I love pnr (my bookshelf is full of it) and I can stand insta-love sometimes, but even if I tried I just couldn't connect with the main characters. We found them already in love at the beginning of the story and I could not tell why were they in love in the first place. Jasmira was a little immature and sometimes she was just too much whiny for my taste. I would've loved to see the beginning of their relationship so I might've felt a little more sad/happy about them.*Details: lots and lots of them. Too many descriptions. It was kind of distracting, actually.*The retelling. I think it was a good story but because of the retellings I felt it too much slow. OverallIt was Mrs Orlowski-Peart's first novel and it was good. I'm glad I've read it. But I must say that sometimes I had to force myself to keep reading. However, I look forward to seeing what the author comes up with in the future.