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Flicker - Kaye Thornbrugh 3.5 Stars First of all, I must say that I'm a little surprised about this book. I wasn't expecting such a good reading, so kudos to dear Kaye. About the Cover:So gorgeous. Beautiful, simple, sweet, captivating… it is exactly what you'll find in this book.About the Plot: 16 year old, Lee Capren is abducted by faeries because of her talent to draw portraits. After a mysterious young man rescue her, she realize seven years have passed and all the people she knows believe she'd dead and she doesn't have a home to return. About this, I don't get how she could leave everything behind without a nervous breakdown in the middle of it. I mean, if you told me that seven years have passed and my family thinks I'm dead, I'd do anything to see them again without even thinking of the consequences. After this, she goes with Nasser who is instantly attracted to her and after that it's a little confusing: why is she staying with them? is she a seer? is she going to work at Flicker? At first, I thought the story was going to focus in the truly identity of Lee or her powers, but in the end, it was about Umbriel and what people around him were willing to do for his affection.About the Characters: Lee: a free spirit, an artist. Drawing has always been her escape and she can literally lose herself in her sketches. I really like her even though I had a bit of trouble connecting with her in the beginning. We don't know anything about her past, about her family, only that her dad died when she was little, but it was a little sad that we don't get to know her more deeply. What about her mom? she doesn't remember about her other life? did she have another friends? brothers or sisters? what about art club? This was an issue for me while I was reading. The way she disconnected herself so easily from her past and embrace so quickly this new life style. Filo: (I LOVE him… love, love, love him) such a complex character, his story was so sad, it broke my heart to know about all those years of loneliness and abuse; Neman and Morgan were really easy to hate, even if Norman was less hard on him. You get to understand Filo, why is he so irritated and grumpy I love the "beginner's luck" note. Actually, I was shipping Lee and Filo (^^ I know, I'm a helpless shipper). I loved the dynamic between them. Nasser: a knight in shining armor, beautiful, honest, caring. Yeah, everything a girl wants. But I needed him to be a little more complex, I love an antihero, someone with defects, issues, etc. (I'm thinking about Filo…) There is an inexplicable draw Nasser feels towards Lee which leads him to give his most valuable possession, his name. About that, I though we'd see some kind of dispute between Bryrony and Nasser, how a faery could make a human do whatever she wants just by using their name. My negative side:* I didn't get the relationship between Lee and Kendall. I don't understand why she'd need to give that relationship closure. I 'd loved to see that with her mom. (Maybe that's gonna happen in the second book). * I'd liked to see more of the transition between the two moments in Lee's life. Her confusion, sorrow, missing the people she loved...* Even if it wasn't a romantic story, I'd loved to see more of Lee, Filo and Nasser. In the End:Flicker is told in third person from multiple perspectives and at first it was almost a little bit too much to handle. New characters, new scenarios, etc. But Kaye's creative writing style was so descriptive and colorful that I was really intrigued from the beginning and kept reading. A little slow at first but it paid off. The writer give us a beautiful world of faeries and another captivating creatures. The development of the love story is so beautiful and sweet. For a change, it's not a story focused in two lovers and his mesmerizing eyes, that was refreshing. Do I need to mention that dear Kaye Thornbrugh is only 19 years old? That's impressive. I can't wait to know what's next!After reading Flicker I realized a second book is going to be released: Brightly ^^ I'm looking forward to read it.