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Believe - E.L. Manning First of all, this is my first review and I have to say congratulations to E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever for completing her first novel. I've received this book from Authors Requesting Reviews in exchange for an honest opinion. So, here it is:What I liked:The plot: It's a YA paranormal book, about vampires. So, that's all you're gonna find. Romance, paranormal, vampires, and vampire hunters (which I thought would be a great touch).The ending: I liked it.What I didn't like:The Characters: Maybe there were too many of them. I didn't get to know them all. Also, the relationship between the main characters need more depth and development. I didn't understand the love between Andrea and Shane. After reading the first chapters one thing remains for sure: She was so plain. He was mesmerizing. I have to say that all this "I'm not worthy, why he loves me? I'm so plane, he is perfect and hot but why is he with me? why? why? why???" made me feel the "Twilight" influence, which would be okay if she wasn't so annoying.The Mental Arguments: Tons and tons of it. I get it, the author is writing from Andrea's point of view, but sometimes it was like I was being punished to read every single piece of teenager though and I must say it was very difficult to keep reading. She was so annoying sometimes, overreacting to everything. It was hard for me to connect with her.The spelling and grammar was surprisingly bad. Even for me (English is not my native language)I'm giving Believe 2 stars. I admire the work of the author and I hope to read the finished work in the future. I liked the world that Ms Grimm-Weever has built. It was interesting and I'd love to read more of her.