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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, #6) - Richelle Mead 3.5 Stars The. Ending. I've tried to give it a few days before rating it, I've been waiting for the end of the honeymoon. I can't believe how much I'm gonna miss Georgina and the Unholy Rollers. I'm not sure if I should talk about the whole series or just about this last one. So, I'll just talk about everything.About Succubus Revealed:This is a 2.5 Stars book. Honestly, there was no mystery here. I guess I figured everything out in the ending of book 5 and reading this one was just to see how it would happen. That's a bad sign because usually when I read, I don't use my brain. I just read... and here I almost crashed with the big clue signs. After Seth whispered Georgina's real name, it was pretty clear for me who he was and what was the deal with the two contracts. I'm not saying the last book was unnecessary (maybe it was), but even if something happened here, I already knew the ending! Maybe if we hadn't seen the ending of Georgina's dream it would give it a little more of suspense... I don't know, I'm not a writer, damn it. Roman was the Adrian of this series, the kamikaze. We need someone to the sacrifice... let's use unrequited love like an excuse to the holes in the middle... (Yeah, I'm still upset for Adrian) It would have been great a final words, last kiss, whatever... you just can't let him die like that. And don't make me start with the bowling game...About the series: Apparently, Richelle Mead will always give us this kind of punishment. You give her your heart and she gives you some crapy last books in return. It happened with VA and it happened here. The first three books of the series were really exquisite. It was great to see how Georgina was trying to deal with guilt, immortality, sins, death, her damned nature. However, I've been exposed to pages and pages of guy drama... thank's god for the sexy scenes *wink* Otherwise, it'd have been barely tolerable at some point.After all, the long string of dreams in Succubus Shadows had a purpose. And hearing Seth talking about Luc and the other guys's memories was pretty neat. Even if I knew it, I was so overwhelmed for Georgina and Seth as well. I had become fond of some of Georgina's previous lovers so it was exciting to know it had been him from the beginning. But even more, it was so intense to see Seth's reaction. Heartbreaking.Obviously, I loved the ending. But that's not necessarily a good sign. Sometimes, a little more of tears and blood makes an ending more exquisite. This one was really okay, I was literally dancing in my room. But so freaking predictable. Ok, I'll just stop here. Yes, it was predictable. Yes, Georgina and Seth's relationship was a little too much annoying sometimes. Yes, there were so many bad choices. And yes, Carter is so hot that when he dressed up as Santa I was feeling such a bad girl. Ok, that was just weird ^^ Richelle, go all Cassandra Clare and make a spin off with Carter and Roman!