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The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer Rating: 2.5First of all, nothing happens in this book. EVER. Wanda is a suicide alien who lives in completely guilt. At the same time, calls humans monsters for wanting to protect their own kind. Melanie is an annoying human who loves Wanda as a sister (aww ^^) and wants her to die so she will kiss Jared (oh... :/)Ian is a human who falls in love of the masochist alien (soul, alien, is the same thing) and is dumb, unbelievably perfect and understanding to the point that he's willing to share his girlfriend's body and give her to his enemy (Jared) so they'll kiss just because she needs to be "overwhelmed" (god, forgive us)Jared and Ian fight for the body, that's right. Jed is a crazy old man who in the name of curiosity keeps an enemy in his house. The Seeker is an alien police who finds humans and kills them. One of the most interesting characters but, wait... when there could have been a fight or something, our good alien remembers the way of not only humanize the Seeker but to send her to some crazy planet so... no revenge for us, humans. (Have I to remind us that people have died here?)At the end, all the sacrifice that Wanda is willing to do is pointless because they put her in another body. Me: So, are we going to fight for that little new body like we did for Melanie?Steph: No.Me: Why not?? Steph: Because I say this body doesn't mind.Me: That makes sense.Finally, it's not an adult novel, it felt pretty young adult to me. Maybe that's why I was expecting something more than a twisted love triangle. It was not amazing, I think it was ok. That half star is for the epilogue. I may or may not read the second book, I'm not ready to tell yet.