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Stormdancer - Jay Kristoff Maybe 4.5 Stars, but who cares?Buruu, Child-Monkey, Buruu, Chainsaw Katana, Buruu!I needed a book like this to begin the year. This was so fricking good.The world building, the details, the perfect and even poetic narrative, the beautiful and growing relationship between Buruu and Yukiko. There's no stupid romance! thank you, very much.Man, I loved Buruu the whole journey. I loved the way he sounded in my head. So funny, adorable and proud. I loved the sarcastics comments:"HAVE MERCY ON ME, FATHER. TAKE MY WINGS. CHAIN ME TO STINKING EARTH. BUT THIS TORTURE I CANNOT ENDURE."How did he get so awesome?“One day you will see that we must sometimes sacrifice for the sake of something greater.”Loved it, enjoyed it, couldn't put it down. Damn... I think I'm in danger of fangirling right now...Edit:^^