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Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid Series #3)

Succubus Dreams - Richelle Mead 3.75 Stars Yeah, I can't stop reading this series u.uI have mixed feelings about this one. The plot was interesting, but there's always this feeling that the supernatural mystery is in second place, and the main subject here is G and Seth's love story: will they do it? will they keep trying? how long till they finally split up? It'd be more interesting if the focus were on the mystery and paranormal. Also, is pretty predictable. But I have a theory about that.*Random thoughts: I knew about Mandy from the beginning, I have a crush on Carter, I don't feel afraid of Jerome, love the three trees, the scene in the sex club was like… damn. Even though this series is totally guilty pleasure, after the breakup I saw G differently. She's definitely more than a sex machine, I loved seeing her humanity, even if she's always afraid of losing it. I love G.Dante was exquisitely annoying and so hot, I had to double check his age before swooning for him. Maybe that's why the ending was kind of gross. He's old. But hot. But ancient. And there's dark magic. Don't like it.Some stupid predictions that probably will be proved wrong, but I'll make them anyway:* The reason Carter is following her is because he's protecting her. Somehow she's an important peace of a major plan or something.* G will find out that she can get her soul back… and she¡ll be able to dream about a family then.* Seth will be a complete duchebag and will play hard to get but will be fooling around her. There's gonna be a lot of angsty in the fourth book :s*Oh, I want to add that maybe I didn't feel too much excitement about the mystery because the synopsis told me pretty much everything.