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Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

Boundless - Cynthia Hand

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Actual rating: 3.5 Stars [Booklikes has half stars!]


"Haven't you guessed by now?" I say, my heart hammering. "My home is you"


I think Unearthly was awesome, Hallowed was a little too angsty but Boundless kind of disappointed me. This had the potential to be an exceptional series for me, but in the end the plot felt too much romance centered, and a lot of great things were just wasted trying to resolve the love triangle.


Writers must think it's always so much fun to create a love triangle and make us all suffer with this ultimate kind of pain inflictor. And maybe it's kinda easy to create one, you know? Two guys, a beautiful complicated girl who can't make up her mind, a lot of angsty moments and voilà! But one of the things I've learn is that they don't always work out. (Actually I was looking for a love triangle which ended up well and I cannot think of anyone, any ideas?) And yes, dear Cynthia Hand, I think this love triangle was a total failure.


First of all, if you're asking my fifteen year old fangirl, I'm Team Tucker. And the ending was so not cool that even I was freaking out after I finished it. I mean, three books, right? plenty of time to make a proper ending with this three love birds, and that's what we get? The other guy just walk away willingly? And she's not devastated at all? she just walk down the stairs and you know… just forgot about him?


Christian gave his freaking life for her, damn it! I'm with Tucker, and even I am upset with that ending… I don't know if that's the kind of ending I would have liked for him. I mean, it's so unfair. Was Clara just using him? I know, she was doing everything in her power to save her friend, but even then… After months of this angsty love, she realized she wanted to be with Tucker the same day Tucker became a "prophet", she "saved" Asael, killed his daughter, resucited Tucker, saved Jeffrey from the mean Lucy, brought Angela from hell, saw her mom in a vision, made peace with Samjeemze, met her grandpa Uriel, AND SAVE THE FREAKING WORLD.



The PURPOSE: What this whole series was about? Saving Angela? Saving Jeffrey? Saving Tucker? I don't know what all this was about, actually. This was too centered in the romance, imo. After her revelation in the labyrinth, she said something about a major purpose. Like the first vision was just to find Christian, then learn about how strong they were together and then… time to save the world? From what, actually? Mean Asael controlling the Seven? and what would have happened if he had them? What about Jeffrey's vision? Should we have to assume that the water he was referring to was the last scene? Where did Christian go?


What's the point of having an army of angel bloods if after an attack everybody is going to hide? Where was the major kick ass awesome final battle? What's the purpose of join every year in the mountains to "train" if we will never know about different "powers" or whatever it is they had... man, what a waste of potential.



Half additional star is because of Tucker and his awesomeness. My God, he's perfection to me.And I think overall, the whole series was good and it's so sad because it could have been awesome. But also it's so sad to say goodbye u.u