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Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - 4.5 Stars This has been said a lot so it won't hurt if I say it again: a sequel is no often as good as its predecessor. Yeah, it's a good thing Veronica Rossi never heard anything about it because Through the Ever Night was almost perfect. I loved everything about this book: the heartbreaking moments, the main conflict, the plot, the bad guy, the love story, the friendship, the new characters, world building. Darn, I should give it 5 stars ^^Aria&Roar was one of the most exquisite non-romantic relationships I've ever read... There was a moment when I was afraid of, you know... but Mrs. Rossi was so smart. It couldn't have been more perfect. (The scene where they're singing was so sweet)Perry&Aria's relationship was so painful but in a good way. They were struggling with so many things, their own confidence, they were trying to trust each other, dealing with their relationship in front of Perry's people. We get to see Perry as the Blood Lord of the Tides, I couldn't help feeling so proud of him. That shows how well developed this characters are, I was really invested in the story.Liv was a total bad-ass. And I loved to see her connecting with Aria, helping each other. And I cried with Roar, that was a good moment. There's so much depth in the characters, the short story about Roar and Liv really helped me to feel really close to them. The ending was good but I really needed more! It feel a little rushed to me, maybe? I don't know. The story was so addictive, I couldn't stop reading it. In the end, I was like: