Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Unearthly - Cynthia Hand 4 Stars. It's a really good reading, the characters, the plot, the story line, the dialogs, finally there's a book where it's not about how mesmerizing the male character's eyes are... I really enjoyed it and it started so good that I guess I was expecting something more in the end... I'm not fully satisfied, I must say.The whole fight with the Bad Angel was so brief, and we learnt nothing about her mom's past, Angela coming back from Rome (the mysterious boyfriend), her dad... But it was good, particularly all the Tucker scenes, from the beginning I was already in love with him. I love how we got to know him and his lovely way to show her how much he cared. The ending was just ok. If I had to wait a year to read the second part I'd be breaking something right now ^^