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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Edit: The Movie. x_xI didn't think this story could get even more stupid and weird. But they did it. Thank's god there's no telepathic connection here but still... Can't believe the great Emma Thompson was up for this._________________________________________1 book, 2 writers, 563 pages and a great effort to finish it...So, guy meets girl, girls explodes windows, guy falls in love with girl, boy and girl have this flashbacks, talk to each other with telepathic connection, have a Carrie episode, keep talking in their minds, a lot of thinking and historical facts, a Gossip Girl/People's Court episode, wind and rain, lots of rain moments, keep talking telepathically, the moon disappear, he dies, no, wait, Uncle vampire-dream-comsumer Macon saves the day, new song, buy the new book, the end.Yeah, exactly... that's what I should've done...They are making a movie? God.I think this book'd work if the main character were a middle age woman who falls for a mysterious guy who actually is the reincarnation of... wait. I think this wouldn't work either.Why writing from a sixteen-year-old boy perspective when you are going to describe things like a respectable old lady? This guy is incredibly sensitive and chatty, he pays attention to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL: her outfit, the color of the walls, the way mean girls carry their purse (really??), the sky, the wind, the books, clouds, dog's eyes, the smell of paper, poetry... and then, of course, the i-can't-be-with-you-cause-it's-too-dangerous part, where Lena becomes really annoying.A YA book shouldn't make me feel so bored.