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Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones What really impressed me about this series is that even if it could be just another light reading with sexy times and very funny comebacks, there's this -sometimes slightly undetected- correlation between books that makes it so much more complex that I could have imagined while reading the first book. Little details non important at first sight became big issues in next installments. For example, the mysterious Mistress Marigold in the previous book, the asylum and the dogs, Rocket, Strawberry, Reyes and the landlady. I can't wait to see that Mr Wong is some kind of asian god or something.Once again, Jones gives us the same formula. She gets a case, a lot of snarky moments, ridiculous situations ("Better a dead clown in my apartment than a live one") and some threats and torture. Actually, I was kind of freaking out at that moment.Charley's never lost her wittiness and sarcastic humor, even if the supernatural element is everywhere, she's never lost her humanity, and that's what I love about her. She's the same old fashion sarcastic smart-ass we all love and even if she takes very lightly every impossible situation, she knows when to ask for help (calling her sister was pretty impressive), wait for reinforcement, appreciate team work and take one for the team.And Reyes. My fifteen-year-old-self is loving him, but she's kinda insecure and immature and doesn't understand that a guy can't just threaten you and then say: "you left me no choice. But my godonlyknows-year-old-self thinks he's being a little too much. I would appreciate if he could show her some kind of emotion and not just with his lean body. For this to work, I need Reyes to embrace his humanity. And not only someone telling us how awesome he is (Like Amador), I want him to be this awesome guy too. Yeah, I ask too much.The relationship between the characters grows with every new installment. They're more than just good characters put all together, they work really well, they know each other, and there's this sense of familiarity that makes them so lovable. About the ending... Darynda Jones had me freaking out! I mean, it took me a moment to accept Garret's death, I wasn't crying but I felt sorry for him. He is always involved in the funniest moments and he's always adding some much-needed sanity to Charley's world.And what about the Guardian Angel? I had put my money on Donovan. But then I though: "OMG, is Garret! and then... is the dog? ^^ Was the nun playing with my feelings? Finally, I think Reyes was out of line using her as a bait. Sometimes I forget he's part supermodel son of Satan, even if Charley has explained it several times. He's not only been raised by a psychotic abusive but also he's been forged with a terrible purpose. So, when does his love/obsession for her end and his deathly nature begin? Was Angel right? My only complain here is: I need this to move on to the next plot. I got it. Reyes will bring the end of the world. Let's see that! Let's see what she can do! I don't know if I'm gonna handle it if the next book is again a case+hot scenes+Now-you're-Bound.Yeah, I used gifs. Sue me.Not ^^